13 May 2014

#placed Guest Post

Submitted by Anonymous

Written by: Lindsey Mathis

People give up many things in life. I personally, have given up drinking soda, old clothes that no longer fit, free time, I gave up dating, and the list could go on and on. However, there is one thing that I did NOT give up. I never gave up my child! 

Before I entered the world of adoption, I had no idea what the correct terminology was. I am guilty of saying “gave up for adoption”, “giving up for adoption”, and “put up for adoption”, as I am sure many people are. Because we just don’t know!

While I was considering my options as a newly single and pregnant mom the term “gave up” never felt right with me. So, I started using “put up for adoption” it felt better, but it still didn’t sit well with me. 

10 May 2014

Written by: Jessalynn

To the Mothers in Waiting Happy Mother's Day....

I can somewhat empathize how these words must hurt. I do not claim to be an expert in infertility, miscarriage, sterility, or infant loss.

I do know, the Mother's Day after I placed Josie, I cried almost all day. At that time I was in a Single's Ward...no one understood why I was crying except my fellow birthmoms and hopeful adoptive couple friends.

I do know, after I had one of my miscarriages, Mother's Day was nothing but a self pity sob fest. I do know, after my ectopic pregnancy, Mother's Day brought anger towards many things, including the God I love so much, and i know loves me. I was angry. When was it my turn? Hadn't I suffered enough already.

24 Apr 2014

Who I am

Submitted by Anonymous

“There she is mom.” he blurts out. “Who buddy?”  I reply. “She’s right there mom.” as he’s running to the front door. “Buddy, stop. Who is it?”  I ask, as I reach for him. His eager reply… “It’s your little butterfly mom. She’s waiting for the bus.” Written by: Gina Crotts

18 Apr 2014

Ride the Wave

Submitted by Anonymous

Written by; Gina Crotts      I am in that space today of creating, writing and deep thinking. Many times this is a little bit of dark space for me and I have to be self aware to not linger in this space for too long. However, some of my greatest work and pieces have come from this space, so today I am embracing it and writing through the emotions I am experiencing.


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