30 Apr 2014

2014 #placed Campaign

Submitted by Anonymous

I am so excited to announce our 2014 #placed Campaign.

After doing several interviews over the last few weeks, I noticed the words 'gave up' were often used instead of #placed. Gave away has been misused for years, especially from the media. However, after 13 years I feel like I have failed to do my part in educating not only the media, but friends, family and people outside of the adoption industry on the correct adoption terms. Every time I hear, ‘you gave your baby up for adoption,’ I cringe. I didn’t give her up. I didn’t give her away. I #placed her for adoption and yes there is a difference. I placed her into a better situation than what I could provide at that time. I have heard my husband in several conversations correct people when they have used the word gave. It is such a simple act that can make such a positive change in the way we talk about adoption and birth moms.

Throughout the month of May, this year and every year to follow, Birth Mother Baskets will run our #placed Campaign.

Our goal?

To reach enough people that the phrase ‘you gave your baby up for adoption’ no longer exist and ‘you #placed your baby for adoption’ will become the norm.

We will be posting several blog post on this topic. Sharing graphics that will be easy to retweet, repost and share via social media using #placed. Having a fun giveaway. Along with, posting our Gave Love, Gave Life but Never Gave Up video. { watch for that tomorrow }

We cannot be successful without YOUR help. Please, #placed wherever you can! Drop the word gave and start educating those around you on #placed.

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