7 Apr 2014

Adoption Choices of Texas

Submitted by Anonymous

Birth Mother Baskets has teamed up with Child Connect to highlight Adoption Agencies/Attorneys who support positive adoption outcomes. As a birth mom, I wish Child Connect had been around when I placed my baby for adoption. Child Connect provides birth moms the ability to view pictures, letters and videos that the adoptive family has uploaded, 24 hrs a day 7 days a week from any internet connection. There are many great features to Child Connect that not only benefit birth moms, but the convenience for adoptive parents and Adoption Agencies is priceless. 

Adoption Choices of Texas has been using Child Connect since April 2012. 

They first started with 20 adoptive parents and it was very well received. Adoption Choices of Texas informed us that, Child Connect is great for everyone involved. It is easy and convenient for them to manage their post communications.

For more information on Child Connect please contact Gina Crotts gina.crotts@birthmotherbaskets.org

ChildConnect addresses the problem that agencies have managing the commitments between the adoptive families and birth parents. ChildConnect is drastically reduces the time and cost of that your agency spends managing the communication, sending of documents, follow-up, and reporting in the adoption process. The system was developed by and adoptive father who worked closely with a leading adoption agency to address the rising problem of managing the post-adoption commitments.

Our system is centered around the concept of a LifeBook. The LifeBook contains letters, pictures, documents, and videos that are to be shared between birth parents and adoptive families. The LifeBooks are auto created by the system for the adoptive families and managed by the system. Your staff only does the initial setup ( takes under 5 minutes per adoptive family ) and the system does the rest.

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