23 Apr 2014


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Birth Mother Baskets has teamed up with ChildConnect to highlight Adoption Agencies/Attorneys who support positive adoption outcomes. As a birth mom, I wish ChildConnect had been around when I placed my baby for adoption. ChildConnect provides birth moms the ability to view pictures, letters and videos that the adoptive family has uploaded, 24 hrs a day 7 days a week from any internet connection. There are many great features to Child Connect that not only benefit birth moms, but the convenience for adoptive parents and Adoption Agencies is priceless.

Recently we sat down with Adoptions Together to hear why they love using ChildConnect and how it has changed the way their adoptive parents and birth parents communicate.

Beth Stahl, with Adoptions Together, monitors all of their ChildConnect communications. “There are many steps that go into writing and sending a letter in the mail, with ChildConnect it is as simple as clicking on, send a message, composing that message and then clicking send. You don’t have to wait at the post office.”  

“In one experience, a birth mom became unreachable after placement. We as an agency were unable to reach her, but the adoptive parents sent her a Lifebook using ChildConnect and this birth mom responded almost immediately. She thanked them and said she was so happy they were all doing well.”

Adoptions Together has seen a significant increase in their communications between adoptive parents and birth parents and the communication goes both ways. “Certainly when we didn’t use ChildConnect we would mostly see the communication be one sided, by the adoptive parents, but now with ChildConnect the communication is 50/50, birth parents are reaching out as well.”

To find our more about ChildConnect watch this 2 minute video.

Hassle Free Post adoption agreements - What's it worth to you? from CAIRS SOLUTIONS on Vimeo.

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