30 Mar 2014

Getting to Know...

Submitted by Anonymous

Hi! I am Jessalynn! I placed 5.5 Years ago..and some change.

My favorite color is Yellow. I love food and trying new places to eat. I watch Food Network pretty much all the time. My celebrity crushes are Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon Leavitt, and Jennifer Lawrence. I have 2 kids (Mina 2) (Evan 8mo), 2 dogs(Bofur and Heisenberg), A sexy stud of a husband who supports me through thick in thin. I was in the Army for 5 years. I am a Mormon. I study photography and history. Last but not least, I LOVE Birth Mother Baskets!

I found out I was pregnant 3 days before I was to leave to college. I was terrified and thought my parents were going to kill me. Although they were sad and disappointed they were there for me. My mom suggested adoption. I went in reluctantly to the agency, met with the caseworker, and started going to a support group. Down the road I decided adoption was the best choice for my baby. Even though I knew it would kill me inside, I knew it was right.

After placement I waited 3 months to see my birthdaughter. 6 months after I placed I started blogging. I needed a platform to share my feelings and work through my wonderful array of emotions. I started blogging at birthmothers4adoption and magically started to heal.

One day I decided retreats needed to happen. I started a retreat for adoptive couples, I have now moved to birthmothers as well. I am so lucky to have found a partner in crime for the retreats. Gina is incredible and helps me so much.

I share a beautiful open adoption and I love it. The adoptive family are some of my biggest supporters and I pray everyday thanking my lucky stars I have them in my life.

If I could teach the world one thing in this lifetime it would be: Adoption can be a beautiful thing, if all members of the triad are willing to commit and make it all about the adoptee. Boundaries and Honesty are what make an adoption wonderful. Most importantly adoption should be filled with love. 

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