24 Feb 2014

Making a Decision. Offering Support.

Submitted by Anonymous

I've been thinking about this quote for awhile now, ever since I saw it on Pinterest.

Sometimes, the hardest days in our lives are when we are in limbo. Would you agree? When you don't know if you should take the beaten path or create your own way. When you don't know if you should forget and move on or jump in with two feet. Go left? Or go right?

I found this to be significantly true when deciding whether or not to place my butterfly for adoption. I knew nothing about adoption. Sadly, there were many days I just wanted to 'forget' that I was pregnant. I could wait things out... but I knew eventually those 9 months would be up and a decision would have to be made.

I was lucky enough to have friends and family who supported me either way. I know most expectant parents do not have the support like I did. I want BMB to be that support.
I want BMB to be a rock expectant parents can lean on to make the best decision for them and their unborn child. I want every expectant parent to understand what their rights are before they make a decision, to know Agencies and Attorneys that they can turn to or support if they choose to parent.
I think BMB can be that support. I believe we can do much more then just reaching out with our
Birth Mother Baskets. The changes for 2014 will include programs to help with just that, along with post placement support for every birth mom.

I believe BMB can be much bigger than what my lil' vision was before and I intend to do my best to create what I believe has been missing in the adoption industry for too long now.

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