Mark Livings

Board of Directors

Mark is a strategy executive who is not a pure strategist, which conducts long-range planning in relative isolation. Mark considers himself a doers first, with the mandate, credentials, and desire to act as well as advise.  He is seasoned executive with a strong strategy orientation who has worn many operations hats before taking on this role. Mark is charged with three critical jobs that together form the very definition of strategy execution.

  • First, he clarifies the company's strategy for every business unit and function, ensuring that all employees understand the details of the strategic plan and how their work connects to corporate goals.
  • Second, Mark drives immediate change. The focus of the job almost always quickly evolves from creating shared alignment around a vision to riding herd on the ensuing change effort.
  • Finally, Mark must drive decision making that sustains organizational change. He is the person who, can walk into any office and test whether the decisions being made are aligned with the strategy and are creating the desired results. When decisions below the executive suite aren't being made in accordance with strategy, much of Mark’s job involves learning why and quickly determining whether to stay the course or change tack.

Mark's prior experience includes serving as CIO/CTO for PMSI responsible for PMSI's Worker Comp systems; Vice President, E-Business for Tech Data, responsible for executing Tech Data's e-business strategy; Vice President of Cash Access at Fidelity National Information Services; Vice President of Global Information Systems at ASAP Software/License Technologies Group; and Chief Information and Technology Officer for Kanbay, a global IT services firm. Mark has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Ball State University.


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