28 Feb 2014

Opening a Door

Submitted by Anonymous

After speaking to many adoptive couples, I've noticed that many view the creation of their parent profile as a task, another item they need to mark off their long list of To Do's in the adoption process. I can see why it would be considered as such.

I don't claim to understand what adoptive parents go through nor do I relate to the struggles that they have faced. However, I do know we need to change the way we look at Adoptive Parents Profiles and the thought process that goes into creating them. Whether this stems from the Agency they are with or the stressful journey that brought them to this point ... the parent profile is still the only window expectant parents have for looking into an adoptive parent’s life. It should be viewed as a vital link connecting adoptive parents with the baby they've been waiting for.

Having been an expectant parent myself, the Adoptive Parent Profile is the only slice of life I had to go on.  I used that to make my decision.  One of the biggest decisions in my life and in my baby’s future. I think that sentence alone is enough to reconsider thinking of this Profile as a task and considering it as opening a door.

What I mean by that... when you invite a family member or a friend to your home, they knock on your door and you open it. Right? As soon as that person enters, do you quickly start stating all the facts and list of To Do's that you are going to accomplish while they are in your home? Or when they leave do you mark their visit off on your list?


You welcome them in, you ask them how they are. You carry a conversation that is genuine, and you give them your undivided attention. You are most likely enjoying their company and the time that you are spending together.

Now... what if you were opening your door to an expectant parent? Would you ask them in? When they left, would you think to put a checkmark by your task to meet an expectant parent and move on to the next task?


Your Parent Profile is opening the door to the knock of an expectant parent.

When they first see you (most likely in a photo) their next step will be to knock, in this case, read more into your Parent Profile. They want to hear and see the real you... all the things that make you uniquely you. If you can create your Parent Profile like you are opening your door to a friend, they will feel welcomed and have a better idea of who you genuinely are as a couple.


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