2 Apr 2014

Supporting Positive Outcomes in Adoption

Submitted by Anonymous
I recently had a conversation with a birth mom who asked me, if she is with BMB can she also be a part of other birth mom groups. I was taken back by her question, but quickly informed her that we are here to support all birth moms and encourage you to join and attend as many positive adoption events and support groups as possible. BMB is here to give birth moms hope, support and courage throughout the placement process. We are not here to discriminate against other groups or try to control how you receive support. There are many support groups out there, faith based, state based, pre-placement or post-placement support. We encourage you to find support where ever you can and however you can. I am so thrilled with where BMB is going and the new programs we are offering and all of the changes that are happening in the adoption industry. It has been a long time coming now and I am grateful to be a part of it. 
Post placement support was never offered to me, 13 years ago and I hope that every birth mom who places their baby for adoption can find the best support group or groups that help them along their journey. I know after my placement I needed several avenues to vent, cry, be angry and lean on and still do to this day. 
Our goal, is to offer a safe and positive space for all birth moms, to feel comfortable enough to share their stories and be heard without judgement. 
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