14 Apr 2014

There Once

Submitted by Anonymous

By: Jessalynn Bills Speight


There once was a young girl

At the tender age of eighteen.

She found out she was pregnant

With Child? It was but a dream.

She woke up the next day,

Only to find out it was still true.

She had to tell her parents,

Oh what was she going to do?


She heard of the adoption option,

and decided to pursue it some more.

When the caseworker gave her information

It hit this girl to the core.

“Adoption is my choice”, she said.

“No doubt I am choosing what’s right,

It will hurt, it will wound, it will pain me so”,

Then she cried and she sobbed through the night.


A few short weeks later the girl sat on her floor,

surrounded by couples pleas full of hope.

Confusion set in, the pain struck her heart,

None of them seemed to fit her criteria, “nope”.

A roommate came in and saw her quandry,

She walked into her room and was out of sight.

Two minutes later she came out

leaping and bounding and prancing about.

“I have an aunt and uncle”, she said,

“They’ve been waiting for a baby, praying so much

Now they want to adopt, i can get you in touch”

The girl saw their pictures but a few moments later,

Love filled her heart, they could not be much greater.


Months flew by, her stomach grew,

The due date crept upon this young girl

The family came to meet the sweet babe

All was so emotional that day.


The young girl held the baby, the couple did too

They all looked at each other and they just knew.

This moment was just so meant to be,

no doubt about it, it was instant connection.


The next day came and the time had come.

Papers needed to be signed and it was a punch in the gut.

The young girl felt so much pain,

She thought for a moment and her eyes just shut

Tears rolled down her cheeks like rain in spring

she stared at the papers, she felt that sting.

She lifted her hand to sign her rights

no words to ever describe her plight.


The young girl looked down at the sweet babe

put her in a dress and they drove away

A placement was held at the agency

it was filled with love, laughter, and agony.

She looked at the babe, gave her a kiss

a piece of her heart she was sure to miss.

Alas she knew it was just see ya later,

handed her too her doting big brothers

and a hug was shared between the two mothers.

She turned as she sauntered out

She went home without a shred of doubt

The young girl had done the right thing

Even if some sadness it did bring.


The coming months were oh so hard

The young girl found that grieving scarred.

She tried to move forward the best she knew how

and started to see she could get better each day.

Talking to the family of sweet babe,

Pictures and updates softened the pain.


Now almost six years later

The young girl has a family too

Sweet babe has turned into a bright girl

Shining her light all over the world.

Open adoption is what gets them through

Honesty, Love, and Faith its true.

There are days that still hurt, but overall

The young girl knows that she made the best choice for everyone involved.



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