17 Apr 2014

Family Support During Pregnancy

Submitted by Anonymous

Written by: Amanda Hadfield     I like to think that I'm not just one of the "lucky" ones who had a supportive family when it came to my decision to place my baby for adoption, but as time has gone on I've realized how incredibly blessed I really was (and am) to have the family I have and to have had their support behind me when I placed my baby into another families arms. 

15 Apr 2014

Support & Love

Submitted by Anonymous

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant I moved to Arizona to live with my brother. During the early stages of my pregnancy I needed to find confidence in my decision, no matter what that decision was, single parenting or adoption. I needed space, in those first few months, to dig deep inside of myself and what I truly felt was right. I remember an adoptive couple sent me their ‘profile’ in the mail when I first arrived in Arizona. I barely looked at it, I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t mentally prepared to face that fact yet. The discovery of becoming pregnant and then telling your parents/friends is so overwhelming. Once I had done so, I just needed some time to process everything that was happening. I was only nineteen years old.

14 Apr 2014

There Once

Submitted by Anonymous

By: Jessalynn Bills Speight


There once was a young girl

At the tender age of eighteen.

She found out she was pregnant

With Child? It was but a dream.

She woke up the next day,

Only to find out it was still true.

She had to tell her parents,

Oh what was she going to do?


She heard of the adoption option,

and decided to pursue it some more.

When the caseworker gave her information

It hit this girl to the core.

“Adoption is my choice”, she said.

“No doubt I am choosing what’s right,

It will hurt, it will wound, it will pain me so”,

Then she cried and she sobbed through the night.


A few short weeks later the girl sat on her floor,

11 Apr 2014

A Title to be Proud of

Submitted by Anonymous

Written by: Amanda Hadfield 

I am a Birth Mom.

I think it’s rather easy for all birth moms to find ourselves questioning, “but what role will I play?” when it comes to our birth children’s lives, after we place them for adoption. What will they call me? When will I see them? Will they understand who I am?

8 Apr 2014

I'm Only Human

Submitted by Anonymous

Written by: Jessalynn

Sometimes people expect you to have it all together, all the time. The truth is, no one does.

We are often times taught to hold it in, hold it together, and get over it. We are told we must hold strong, we must be iron clad in our emotions. There is just one problem with that…

We are only human. 

This song is my jam. I listen to it all the time. It makes me feel at peace with my emotions.

7 Apr 2014

Adoption Choices of Texas

Submitted by Anonymous

Birth Mother Baskets has teamed up with Child Connect to highlight Adoption Agencies/Attorneys who support positive adoption outcomes. As a birth mom, I wish Child Connect had been around when I placed my baby for adoption. Child Connect provides birth moms the ability to view pictures, letters and videos that the adoptive family has uploaded, 24 hrs a day 7 days a week from any internet connection. There are many great features to Child Connect that not only benefit birth moms, but the convenience for adoptive parents and Adoption Agencies is priceless. 

Adoption Choices of Texas has been using Child Connect since April 2012. 

4 Apr 2014

There is Joy

Submitted by Anonymous

Written by: Amanda Hadfield 

I remember quite vividly the first moments after placing my birth daughter into her parent’s arms. I hugged her one last time, told them to take care of her for me, and left, not knowing if I’d ever see her again. My heart was broken that day.

2 Apr 2014
I recently had a conversation with a birth mom who asked me, if she is with BMB can she also be a part of other birth mom groups. I was taken back by her question, but quickly informed her that we are here to support all birth moms and encourage you to join and attend as many positive adoption events and support groups as possible. BMB is here to give birth moms hope, support and courage throughout the placement process. We are not here to discriminate against other groups or try to control how you receive support. There are many support groups out there, faith based, state based, pre-placement or post-placement support.
2 Apr 2014

 -- Giving back to birth moms was the intention when Mark Livings, the CEO of CAIRS Solutions, created Childconnect, an internet-based software resource that strengthens post adoption relationships. "I wouldn't have a family if it were not for their sacrifice." You can see the sincerity in his face as he talks passionately about this motivation. Post adoption can be beautiful or depressing depending on what side you're on. Why? A birth mom agrees to place her baby with adoptive parents.


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