30 Mar 2014

Getting to Know...

Submitted by Anonymous

Hi! I am Jessalynn! I placed 5.5 Years ago..and some change.

My favorite color is Yellow. I love food and trying new places to eat. I watch Food Network pretty much all the time. My celebrity crushes are Jimmy Fallon, Joseph Gordon Leavitt, and Jennifer Lawrence. I have 2 kids (Mina 2) (Evan 8mo), 2 dogs(Bofur and Heisenberg), A sexy stud of a husband who supports me through thick in thin. I was in the Army for 5 years. I am a Mormon. I study photography and history. Last but not least, I LOVE Birth Mother Baskets!

28 Mar 2014

What I had to Give was Enough...

Submitted by Anonymous

Written by: Amanda Hadfield It seems like for most birth moms, birthday time is the biggest trigger for emotions. I know for me life will seem like it’s smooth sailing and then January hits and I’m in a sea of emotions that I thought I had overcome. I really don’t know why, I don’t prepare myself for it better. I know her birthday is in February, I know it’s going to come every year but I seem to let myself get swallowed up in it over and over again.

25 Mar 2014

As an expectant mother, considering adoption, I had many worries about the hospital stay and delivery. This was my first pregnancy, so I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare. I did not want to attend the class my hospital provided for couples who were expecting their first child. I would have felt awkward attending this class alone and didn’t want to face the questions that I knew would arise. However, I wish I would have been more prepared.

20 Mar 2014

Emotional Support for Birthmoms

Submitted by Anonymous

When I first started Birth Mother Baskets it was solely to deliver gift baskets to birth moms who had recently placed their babies for adoption. I started by calling local businesses from the yellow pages, asking for donations. I donated the baskets to local hospitals and agencies. It’s been almost 13 years since the first Birth Mother Basket was delivered.

After I placed my baby for adoption, I felt alone. I remember laying in my mom’s bed that first night without my little butterfly and thinking, ‘no one will ever understand what I’m going through.’ The emptiness and loneliness swallowed me up. I had no choice but to let it overtake me those first few days and even weeks. The grief I was feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced before, at the young age of 19.

18 Mar 2014

Fear to Peace

Submitted by Anonymous

I remember my fears as an expectant parent and voicing those fears with my parents and friends. None of them really knew how to answer my questions. They did their best to calm my nerves and encouraged me to make the best possible decision that I felt at peace with.


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