4 Mar 2014

There are MANY myths when it comes to teens and what they think adoption is. I admit, I too, believed many of these myths when I was a teenager. Hence, why I feel this post has such importance and why I will be breaking this post into several parts.

Keep in mind I’m going to answer these myths with my personal experience and the knowledge that I have obtained being in the adoption industry for 13 years now.

28 Feb 2014

Opening a Door

Submitted by Anonymous

After speaking to many adoptive couples, I've noticed that many view the creation of their parent profile as a task, another item they need to mark off their long list of To Do's in the adoption process. I can see why it would be considered as such.

28 Feb 2014

One of the most common questions birth moms are asked by potential adoptive parents is...

“What stood out to you in your Adoptive Family Profile, that made you pick them?”

And the most common response (along with my own) is…

 It just felt right.

I had a sense of peace.

I went with my gut feeling.

I just knew.

Everytime I answer an adoptive couple with this kind of response I can sense their frustration, because “It just felt right” doesn’t help guide them in anyway to create Parent Profiles that stand out. Though there is much honesty in this response, I want to point out a few things that may help you as hopeful adoptive couples.

24 Feb 2014

I've been thinking about this quote for awhile now, ever since I saw it on Pinterest.

Sometimes, the hardest days in our lives are when we are in limbo. Would you agree? When you don't know if you should take the beaten path or create your own way. When you don't know if you should forget and move on or jump in with two feet. Go left? Or go right?

I found this to be significantly true when deciding whether or not to place my butterfly for adoption. I knew nothing about adoption. Sadly, there were many days I just wanted to 'forget' that I was pregnant. I could wait things out... but I knew eventually those 9 months would be up and a decision would have to be made.

19 Feb 2014

2014 UAC Adoption Conference

Submitted by Anonymous

I am excited to be a part of this years UAC Adoption Conference, March 26-27, 2014.

The Utah Adoption Council (UAC) offers a yearly conference for adoptive parents, birth parents and those who work in the field of adoption. 

2014 theme: Perspectives on Adoption - Fears and Myths.

This year there will be more workshops for and by birth parents, such as:

  • Stereotypes and the Media
  • Dealing with Disappointment after Placement
  • Defending Your Decision (which I will be teaching)

There will be workshops that cover:

18 Feb 2014

Birthmom Only Facebook Group

Submitted by Anonymous

Our new BMB Support Group on Facebook! 

This Support Group is for birthmoms only. This is a place for you to ask questions, vent or just hang out with other birthmoms like you. 

If you would like to be added to this Private group, you must first be a birthmom and second email me at gina.crotts@birthmotherbaskets.org or email BMB on Facebook here, so we can add you to the group. 
Sound good? Great! 

Can't wait to get to know more of you there. Much Love!

11 Feb 2014

Birthmom Retreat 2014

Submitted by Anonymous

Super excited to announce the details of our 

Birthmom Retreat with Birthmothers 4 Adoption 

Space is limited!!

We rented a house in LEHI, UT right on Traverse mountain. 
It is JULY 18-20.

If you just want to come for the company during the day and the classes it is $20.00.

The first 30 get swag bags. (these aren't your mamas swag bags, they have GOOD stuff)

We will be having two classes:

A Holistic Health Coach and Zoner will be giving us an awesome class on emotional grief and healing. 

Gina (me) will be teaching us a little class on Self Worth. 

All food is included. 

Ready to sign up??

17 Sep 2013

Guest Blogger ~ Shelley

Submitted by Anonymous

It’s weird to admit, but one of the most important decisions of my life happened in a bathroom at an amusement park.

My husband and I were enjoying our day at Six Flags, when my doctor called to tell me that once again, I wasn’t pregnant. Feeling disappointed, I went to the ladies room to pull myself together. As I stood there, leaning against the stall door, I felt like an unimaginable loser. Not being able to do the one thing that millions of women have done since the beginning of time made me feel like a gigantic failure. And that’s the exact state I was in when I noticed the brand name on the toilet – Sloan.


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