unplanned pregnancy

18 Apr 2014

Ride the Wave

Submitted by Anonymous

Written by; Gina Crotts      I am in that space today of creating, writing and deep thinking. Many times this is a little bit of dark space for me and I have to be self aware to not linger in this space for too long. However, some of my greatest work and pieces have come from this space, so today I am embracing it and writing through the emotions I am experiencing.

25 Mar 2014

As an expectant mother, considering adoption, I had many worries about the hospital stay and delivery. This was my first pregnancy, so I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare. I did not want to attend the class my hospital provided for couples who were expecting their first child. I would have felt awkward attending this class alone and didn’t want to face the questions that I knew would arise. However, I wish I would have been more prepared.

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