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“Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation enjoys a community partnership with Birth Mother Baskets. For every couple Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation helps complete their adoption, we sponsor a birth mother so she may receive one of these special baskets.”

Noah Z.M. Goetz Foundation


To help those experiencing infertility make the dream of parenthood a reality through education about the infant domestic adoption process and the provision of grant funding.


1. Educate would-be parents on the process of infant domestic adoption so that they may make an informed decision about pursuing adoption to build their family.

2. Empower would-be parents wishing to pursue infant domestic adoption by providing grant opportunities to help offset the cost of the process.

“We are honored to include Mia products in all of our standard Birth Mother Baskets. Their products are a personal favorite of mine. The quality of Mia Bath & Body is exceptional!” -Gina Crotts

MíA Bath & Body

What makes MíA Bath & Body different is…YOU! We think you are creative, passionate, and beautiful – and the products you use everyday to enrich that beauty should be a unique signature of your personality. So, we set out to create an incredible line of nature inspired, spa-quality products you customizewith your own personal scent creation.

When you participate in a MíA Bath & Body party, you’ll experience the luxurious products first hand, and then have a ton of fun mixing, matching, and combining any of our 130 scents from our exclusive scent collection to create your one-of-a-kind scent recipe.


Parentfinder.com where Adopting Parents, Agencies/Attorneys, and Expectant Parents, get connected.

Adoptive parents have access to the most complete resource for creating and marketing their adoption profiles. Create a print, eBook, pdf, and video version of your adoption profile with the help of our birth moms and adoption professionals.  Post your profile on www.parentfinder.com where it is search able by expectant parents, adoption agencies, and attorneys.  We will help you distribute your adoption profile through our social media.  Raising your visibility is what it’s all about.  Looking for your own adoption website?  Parentfinder.com help you create your personal website and we’ll host it for you too.

Expectant parents are connected to a secure community where they can search adoptive parent’s profiles. Connect to other expectant parents in our forums that are staffed by Birth Moms and used exclusively by Expectant Parents. Resources are available at the click of a mouse when it comes to birth mother organizations and educational information.  Parentfinder also gives you access to Agencies/Attorneys.

Agency/Attorneys are connected to the safest most diverse profile creation site on the web today. We work as your trusted partner helping adoptive parents from onboarding through placement. You are connected to our site through their Agency/Attorney profile page where you are able to monitor all communication for their adoptive parents and birth parents.