Personal History – Milwaukee Woman Searches for her Birth Mom

With every adoption comes a story, a personal history that spans generations and leaves behind clues in the form of birth certificates, genetic traits and feelings of lost identity. This week, we hear the story of Betsy Brenner, the former publisher of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Brenner weaves us through her birth mother’s pasts, her decision to place her for adoption and in the end, her reunion with her birth siblings.

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Becoming a Birth Mom

The positives of abortion and single parenting are talked about more most positively. And I support single moms, the single moms that I know I root for them. But do I think they’re any more wonderful than birth moms? Of course, I’m biased. But no, I think birth moms are just as courageous. – Kelly Clemente

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Partner Spotlight: Shorstein & Kelly

I had the opportunity to meet Michael Shorstein at the Florida Adoption Council Conference in September. Since that time, he has been a great supporter of BMB. Michael Shorstein’s kind heart towards expectant parents and birth parents is what I admire the most.

Shorstein & Kelly is our Partner Spotlight this month. I asked Michael Shorstein a few questions to helps us get to know his business more.

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