Baby and Birth Mother

Becoming a birth mom & placing baby for adoption

CAIRS Solutions has brought on a new copy writer and blogger, Gina Crotts. Her story of placing her baby for adoption has been an inspiration to many over the years, and we’re excited to have her on our team. Here’s a sample of her writing, just to give you a taste of what to come in the future!

When you were young, did you dream of becoming a birth mother?

Did you dress up your dolls and cradle them as you sang lullabies and kiss their foreheads as if they were your own flesh and blood?

When you were nineteen years old, did you yearn to be a mother?

Did you see yourself responsible enough to carry out such a task?

I never dreamed of becoming a mother or even yearned for it. In fact, the daunting task frightened me. I was a wanderer, a free spirit, a gypsy soul. I wasn’t going to allow anything to tie my feet to my hometown. I yearned for wings, to see a world I had sparse experienced.

Don’t get me wrong, I spent hours playing Barbies as a young child. However, my Barbie women weren’t at home rocking children to sleep; they were kissing Ken as they quickly left for work.

As I sat on the chilling cold tile floor of my college dorm bathroom, I found no irony in the double red lines that stared back at me. The one who never longed to become a mother was now becoming just that.

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