She’s Placed. Now What?

Post-Adoption Relationship Management

Post-adoption relationships are critical to the well-being of both the child, the adoptive family and the birth family – we all know that. But what do post-adoption relationships really look like?

Shared Facebook page? Maybe a letter every now and then?

We believe that it should be more. And that’s why we created Childconnect.

Childconnect is a unique piece of software that allows for birth parents and adoptive families to communicate back and forth, in realtime, on a safe and secure digital platform. It also allows the agency to set requirements on contact and makes sure they’re notified if the adoptive parents missed their update.

And that’s just the short of it. Childconnect is much more. But we’d rather talk about that in person. Send us an email! We can share with you some amazing stories about how Childconnect has changed the way post-adoption works.